Carousels & Load-Out Systems

DNV Certified upon request

Wide range of carousels, reel drive systems and level winders for flexible and rigid pipes, umbilicals and cables.

  • Onshore & offshore carousels : from 600 Te to 7000 Te,
  • Main deck or underdeck,
  • Spooling Arm, chute, tower, travelling crane,
  • Modular partitioning with optimized amount of components,
  • Reel OD from 7,2 m up to 14 m,
  • Reel drive systems flexible up to 500 Te, rigid 3000 Te,
  • Lifting and skidding fully loaded reels on deck.

Carousels & Baskets

Carousels are the enablers for a vessel to carry different products in a safe and efficient manner during all conditions.

Imeca carousels are designed according DNV requirements enabling the outer wall to withstand 100% of the load.

The load is evenly distributed into the vessel structure through a roller system and the main bearing. Maintenance and bearing exchange can take place while the system is under load.

Product separators can be designed into the carousel to carry and separate different products.

The core is designed for the minimum bending radius of the product. Stiffer products requiring larger bending radii can be loaded using segmented core diameter increasers.

Core diameter increasers

Loading arms

Imeca loading arms can be remote operated in X-Y-Z direction substantially increasing safety as no personal is required inside the carousel.

Your offshore carousel and load-out systems with IMECA

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