Offshore Oil and Gas

Offshore Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas companies are looking to operate in the most economical way possible while operations are moving into deeper water and harsh conditions.

At the same time equipment must comply with increasingly strict safety and environmental requirements.

IMECA is your dedicated partner for providing Best-in-Class reliable and innovative solutions.

Installation, lifting & lowering

The installation, lifting & lowering market is more and more moving from topsides into subsea and deeper water.

The requirement to provide the capability at depth in the most economical way is a driver for fiber-rope solutions and high efficiency drive systems.

Pipe laying

Whether intended for a multitude of tasks like a field development vessel or as a specialist pipe lay vessel they need to be efficient due to which they are highly integrated and the pipe lay system is often a driver for the design of the vessel.

The complexity and integration aspect requires close cooperation with the client and the ship designer in order to develop the optimal solution for the project.

IMECA Vertical Lay Systems are recognized to have the lowest weighty and COG in the market.

Our tensioners are unrivalled if it comes to squeeze capacity, distribution & accuracy.


First Oil is an important milestone in production units coming operational.

Mooring and riser pull-in often is on the critical path of installation requiring a reliable solution but at the same time the equipment is under-utilized driving towards cost-effective solutions.

  • Riser Pull In Systems
  • Turret Pull In Systems
  • Offloading Systems


The range of tools and techniques frequently gathered under the life-of-field umbrella is growing, with IRM increasing to focus on deep water.

The requirement to work at depth from a relatively small vessel and allow for short response times is a driver for fiber-rope solutions and clever designed integrated vessel hanger solutions.

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REEL wishes you a happy new year 2023

REEL wishes you a happy new year 2023!

Groupe REEL takes over CNIM Systèmes Industriels

Groupe REEL takes over CNIM Systèmes Industriels, which designs and produces large-scale complex mechanical systems.

REEL receives the first DNV ISO 19443 certificate

REEL becomes the first company in the world certified by DNV according to ISO 19443!

REEL and its teams wish you a Happy New Year !

REEL and its teams wish you a Happy New Year 2022!