Auxiliary Equipment

Additional pipe Lay System products and solutions.

  • Plet handling systems, up to 100 Te, 3 translations, 2 rotations, Stiff structure and high Accuracy.
    Being able to safely handle PLETS and inline insertions in a harsh environment enhances the workability of the vessel.
    IMECA PLET handling systems easily adjust to different PLET size and shapes.
  • Monorails designed up to 2 x 25T, electrical or hydraulic, optimized height under hook,
  • Tilting Systems, 2 technologies with step-by-step system or high stroke cylinders (OD 900 mm, 12,7 m stroke) fitted with auto-lock device, both designed for synchronization,
  • Straighteners, Roller design for small rigid pipes, Track design for rigid pipes up to 18’,
  • Working Table, Moon pool hatches, can be closed around the pipe without any risk for operators, openable flaps, wide flat working area,
  • Working platform, operators friendly design,
  • Pipe Routing (sheaves, top arch, chutes).
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REEL and its teams wish you a Happy New Year !

REEL and its teams wish you a Happy New Year 2022!

Imeca launches the AgilisTM The enabler for placing the SWL in air @ “unlimited” water depth with incredible energy efficiency

The Imeca AgilisTM offers unique features that directly address the call cost reduction from operatorr

REEL adventure

Here comes a new decade and REEL is proud to have participated at some major industrial projects.

Introducing a game changer for subsea deployment

Introducing a game changer for subsea deployment.