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Telescopic Boom Cranes

The IMECA Telescopic Boom Cranes are specifically designed for use as Top Crane on Vertical Lay Systems. The cranes are fully electric nullifying the risk of oil leakage on the pipe product and tensioners.


  • Electric driven straight and telescopic cranes
  • Low power consumption
  • Environmental friendly, contributes to low emissions,
  • Turnkey delivery
  • Low weight
  • High efficiency
  • Fail safe
  • Not sensitive to low operating temperatures
  • 360˚ unlimited slewing
  • SWL up to 30 Te at 20

Straight Boom Cranes

Your offshore crane with IMECA

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REEL and its teams wish you a Happy New Year !

REEL and its teams wish you a Happy New Year 2022!

Imeca launches the AgilisTM The enabler for placing the SWL in air @ “unlimited” water depth with incredible energy efficiency

The Imeca AgilisTM offers unique features that directly address the call cost reduction from operatorr

REEL adventure

Here comes a new decade and REEL is proud to have participated at some major industrial projects.

Introducing a game changer for subsea deployment

Introducing a game changer for subsea deployment.