Pipe laying operation started with our two pipe-laying towers

A spectacular first in the history of Imeca: two towers in the same shipyard at the same time, while one was installed on a ship, the other was brought into service. The show was taking place in the DSME shipyard in Okpo, South Korea.

Now, they both are operational and first pipe laying operations started in the Brazilian seawaters nearby RIO.

A sneak preview was played out in July 2013 when the structure of Tower 2 joined up with Tower 1 being tested on a pier in La Rochelle. Then both went to sea aboard a transport ship specially chartered by IMECA  to meet up with their respective installation vessels—the TOP Coral do Atlantico and the TOP Estrela do Mar—that later sailed to their operational location off the Brazilian coast.

The on-site players, Imeca, supervisors both of the installation onboard the vessels and of the commissioning, demonstrated their skills and professionalism being available to our client day after day…This challenge was completed some months ago with the departure of the second ship fitted with its tower.

After successful acceptance tests by PETROBRAS, without any deviation from the original time schedule established several years before, both vessels are laying flexible pipelines in deep waters to the satisfaction of all parties. A new won challenge for Imeca.

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REEL wishes you a happy new year 2023

REEL wishes you a happy new year 2023!

Groupe REEL takes over CNIM Systèmes Industriels

Groupe REEL takes over CNIM Systèmes Industriels, which designs and produces large-scale complex mechanical systems.

REEL receives the first DNV ISO 19443 certificate

REEL becomes the first company in the world certified by DNV according to ISO 19443!

REEL and its teams wish you a Happy New Year !

REEL and its teams wish you a Happy New Year 2022!